Titel Hill

Titel Hill disrupts the harmony of the plains of Vojvodina, stretching along the right bank of the lower section of the river Tisa, near its junction with the Danube.A quick glance is enough for you to marvel at how this elevation came to be in the middle of the fertile plains. Situated at an average elevation of 120 metres above sea level and measuring up to 18 kilometres in length, this fascinating loess plateau is an important natural area and an enjoyable site to explore.

The flora of Titel Hill numbers more than five hundred species, among which the most common are the pygmy iris, pheasant’s eye and the endangered deep purple onion. It’s not uncommon for hikers to come across herbs, including yarrow, marshmallow and camomile.
The hill’s steep slopes are “adorned” with lichen colonies - the particular variation is found in only three places across Europe.Mushroom lovers will also enjoy this place, as Titel Hill is a habitat of morchella steppicola and other rare species typically found in steppes.
Almost two hundred bird species live and raise their offspring in this nature reserve, including birds of prey such as the steppe falcon, the imperial eagle and many owl species, the most famous of which is the long-eared owl.
If you’re lucky during your stay you may spot the spermophilus, a globally endangered and protected species which has made the slopes of Titel Hill and the pastures between Vilovo and Lok its home. Various reptile species also inhabit the area.
You can enrich your stay at this nature reserve by visiting local historical landmarks, most notably the necropolis from the Bronze and Iron Ages on the Feudvar archaeological site in the village of Mošorin. On the hill itself there are Roman monuments dating back to the 2nd century BCE.
A recognisable feature of this area are lagumica houses, carved in the loess on the slopes of the hill. Over time most have been buried under landslides however a handful of them remain today and are used by the locals as pantries and wine cellars.
The čarda country houses on the river Tisa beckon guests to top off their stay with a taste of local fish dishes. And if you love grilled meats, be sure to taste the local delicacy known as “Attila’s Sword”, named after the legendary Hun conqueror who is believed to have ended his life at the foot of Titel Hill.