Nature Reserves

Nature reserves are the true gems of Serbia, we take immense pride in them and give them the care they deserve.
Here you can enjoy colourful and diverse nature, from the plains, wetlands and desert-like landscapes in the north of Serbia to the gorges and alpine landscapes in the southern regions.
Wherever you go, you will encounter unique natural oases, rich plant and animal life and cultural treasures from both the recent and distant past.As you face nature’s majestic creations in these reserves, you will begin to appreciate its true power and creativity.

Deliblato Sands
Deliblato Sands is one of the last deserts in Europe. It is situated in the southeast part of Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina, between the Danube and the slopes of the Carpathians, just ...
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Karadjordjevo Nature Reserve is situated on the left bank of the Danube, just 50 kilometres from the city of Novi Sad. Interspersed with inlets, known locally as “dunavci”, it is an ideal ...
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Trešnjica Gorge
The clear mountain river Trešnjica, springs underneath Povlen mountain in Western Serbia and flows into the river Drina. It is here, at its confluence with the Drina, that Trešnjica...
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Uvac River Gorge
The river Uvac, nestled cosily between Zlatar and Zlatibor mountains and the towns of Nova Varoš and Sjenica, is best known for its stunning meanders.
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Titel Hill
Titel Hill disrupts the harmony of the plains of Vojvodina, stretching along the right bank of the lower section of the river Tisa, near its junction with the Danube.A quick glance is enough for you...
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Venerina padina
“Venerina padina” Special Nature Reserve is situated in Southeast Serbia, on the left bank of the Zvonačka river. Resembling an amphitheatre carved in the terrain, it is known as the only ...
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