Film Festivals

Throughout the year, Serbia hosts many film festivals dedicated to a wide variety of film forms, from environmental and archaeological films, through to short cartoons and masterful documentaries, popular feature films and blockbusters.By bringing current and award-winning films to cities across Serbia, these festivals introduce audiences to the great achievements in international cinematography.


Since 1971, this film festival, the largest of its kind in the country, has been bringing the very best of film from all continents to cinemas across the Serbian capital, Belgrade. Throughout its rich history, FEST has welcomed many movie legends including the likes of Miloš Forman, Bernardo Bertolucci, Sophia Loren, Robert de Niro, Catherine Deneuve and Johnny Depp.
Today, FEST is a relevant competitive film festival, with more than a hundred entries from all over the world. From Academy Award-winning movies and noted films shown at major European film festivals to the best achievements of non-European cinematography and Serbian films, FEST gives an unrivalled breakdown of the world’s film production, attracting film lovers to return to it time and time again.

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Palić European Film Festival

Lake Palić in Northern Serbia hosts a festival dedicated to European film. Over the course of several days in July, audiences have the opportunity to view the very best of the old continent’s film achievements, including award-winning films from the major European film festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin, with a separate segment dedicated to films made in Serbia and the neighbouring countries. With its selection of films with diverse themes and a strong artistic expression, the Palić festival presents and promotes the beauty in diversity of European film.

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Niš Film Festival

Niš Film Festival is an ideal opportunity to discover the very best of Serbian cinematography. For more than 50 years, this festival has been affirming filmmaking and acting achievements of Serbia and the wider region.Every August, in the surreal environment of the Niš Fortress, built in the 18th Century, thousands of visitors have the opportunity to see the best films made by Serbian film-makers. As the festival focuses primarily on actors, the awards for best actor, best actress and best acting couple are presented every year.

Kustendorf Film Festival

Kustendorf Film Festival is held in an enchanting ethno-village on Mećavnik hill in Western Serbia, in the snow-covered days of January. Named after its founder, the renowned Serbian director Emir Kusturica, it brings us masterpieces of legendary filmmakers, as well as works of young authors, whose short films are entered in the competitive part of the programme.
Kustendorf Film Festival brings together international movie stars such as Paolo Sorrentino, Johnny Depp, Audrey Tautou and Monica Bellucci who share their knowledge and experience with the young film students also in attendance.

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Vrnjačka Banja Screenplay Festival

This screenplay festival is held every year in Vrnjačka Banja spa. It has a decades-long tradition and screens selected films from Serbia and the wider region, which compete for one of the four prestigious awards. A separate segment of the festival features screenplay workshops and a symposium in which selected experts discuss the screenplay challenges in Serbian cinematography.