Nature parks

Whichever nature park in Serbia you choose to visit, it will have its own unique story to tell you.
In Northern Serbia time seems to slow to a more leisurely pace – particularly when you relax on the shores of Lake Palić to enjoy freshly caught local fish and homemade wine.
In the west of the country, the history of the region is closely intertwined with nature. Mokra gora mountain is known for its narrow-gauge heritage railway line, the Šargan Eight and the increasingly popular ethno-village of Drvengrad. Zlatibor mountain will enchant you both with its nature and with superb feasts, made according to the traditional local recipes.
In the east, nature constructed its own lavish monuments which have stood the tests of time. Kučaj mountains are for adventurers seeking a new challenge and to explore undiscovered paths. Stara planina is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy an active holiday – including cyclists, paragliders and skiers.
In each of these nature parks you can also enjoy the lush plant and animal life.

Unlike many other Serbian mountains, Golija is known for its tameness. Its numerous forests, meadows and grasslands are exceptionally well-preserved as is its diverse plant and animal life. No wonder ...
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Sićevac Gorge
The impressive Sićevac Gorge lies just 14 kilometres east of the city of Niš , in the Nišava river valley. The second-longest river-cut gorge in Serbia spreads along 17 kilometres...
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The town of Palić, situated at Serbia’s northernmost point, just eight kilometres away from the city of Subotica, is an ideal starting point for exploring the nature park.It comprises the large ...
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Kučaj Mountains
The Kučaj mountains is a vast mountain range in Eastern Serbia, stretching between the banks of the Morava, the Crni Timok and the Zlotska river, all the way to Đerdap and the Danube. Its distinctive ...
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Šargan – Mokra gora
One of the gems of Western Serbia is Mokra gora, a valley which morphs into the Šargan Bend, a natural link between Mt. Tara and Mt. Zlatibor.
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Stara planina
Stara planina, the longest mountain range in Serbia, has an abundance of natural, cultural and historic treasures – so much so, that its most treasured area has been designated a Category 1...
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Zlatibor Mountain has been attracting visitors for more than 125 years, ever since the “King’s Fountain” opened here, with the number of mountain holiday enthusiasts who come to...
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