The lush fields and thick forests that cover much of Serbia provide perfect habitats for numerous bird species. With a little patience, bird lovers and nature enthusiasts can spot more than 300 different species here. Birdwatching is recommended in the spring, when the vegetation increases, creating a natural shelter for the avid birdwatcher. 

Of course, the choice of the right time of the year to visit Serbia will ultimately depend on the species your most interested to spot.If you wish to enjoy the twitter of smaller birds, you should visit in late August and early September, while larger birds like herons are best observed in the second half of September and in October as they prepare to migrate to warmer climates.
And if you’re visiting in late autumn - brace yourself for the breath-taking sight of thousands of cranes flying through the Serbian skies.
There are as many as 42 IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in Serbia, where you can enjoy watching protected and rare bird species in unspoiled nature.