Other Activities

Kayaking is an increasingly popular sport. If you’re a fan, be sure to include the Zemun Quay in your itinerary when visiting Belgrade. At the first sign of warmer weather, swans take to the water on some of the many rivers and lakes across Serbia.

As well as the Danube, you can also test your kayaking skills on the rivers Drina and Uvac, or on Vlasina Lake or Bovan Lake – this is also an excellent way to discover the Serbia’s unspoiled nature.
If you like to experience nature hands-on, you will relish the adventures offered by canyoning. This sport will allow you to explore some of the most beautiful canyons, even the remotest parts, through which Serbian rivers flow.
Even if you’ve never taken part in this type of activity there’s no reason to worry, experienced experts are on hand to ensure you’re properly prepared and provide training and equipment.
The most popular spots for this sport are the canyons of the Tribuća river, the Porečka river and the Rača river, as well as Dabrov kanjon (Beaver’s Canyon).