Wine Festivals

Serbia is a country with a long winemaking tradition harking back to classical antiquity. Prokupac, Smederevka and Kadarka are just some of the native varieties you can taste in Serbia. Many international varieties are also grown here, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.If you enjoy sampling superb wines with a unique bouquet, you will enjoy the varieties grown in Serbia’s wine regions. And the best way to consume wine is with music and dance, at one of the many festivals dedicated to this exquisite beverage.

Oplenac Grape Harvest

For more than four decades, in early October every year the town’s square known as Vinski trg (Wine Square) and the entire length of Vinska ulica (Wine Street) in Topola are lined with stands full of grapes and wine. Winemaking tradition in Topola dates back to the early 20th century, when the royal house of Karađorđević planted their first vineyards on the nearby Oplenac hill.The King’s Winery keeps records of this region’s viticulture tradition, coupled with an exquisite collection of stored wine. During the event, you can sample wines made at family-owned wineries and visit exhibitions dedicated to cattle farming, agriculture, traditional crafts, folk handicrafts and souvenirs.

Karlovci Grape Harvest Days

Many wine cellars sprung up in the area of Sremski Karlovci in the 18th and 19th centuries, some twenty of which still work at full steam. To honour the centuries-long winemaking tradition, the town holds the Karlovci Grape Harvest Days in late September and early October every year. This festival marks the beginning of grape harvest and motivates local winemakers to continue producing the precious drink.Here you can sample Bermet and Ausbruch, wine brands unique to Sremski Karlovci. In parallel with the commercial exhibition of grapes, wines and authentic souvenirs, the town also hosts culture and art events (plays, concerts and performances by folk troupes).

Župa Grape Harvest

Župska Grape Harvest is an event that brings together numerous winegrowers, winemakers and exhibitors, as well as many visitors, who enjoy sampling the wines of Župa while watching the succession of participants and the supporting events. This region is known for its own native Serbian grape variety, Prokupac, which produces a reddish-pink, ruby-coloured wine. The fresh-tasting wine with a full, balanced body is even more delicious when made according to old family recipes of small wineries, which exhibit their products every September at the Župa Grape Harvest.In addition to grape-tasting and wine-sampling and the always interesting supporting events, visitors are also drawn to the Museum of Winemaking and Viticulture, with a collection that follows the development of viticulture in this region from the 12th century to the present day.

Smederevo Autumn Festival

The region where winemaking and winegrowing tradition dates back to ancient Romans hosts Serbia’s oldest wine festival, the Smederevo Autumn Festival. In early September, the streets of Smederevo are lined with stands selling fruits, grapes and wine, as well as many other products of the region, including beer and roast and grilled meats.This event, spread across several days, is a perfect opportunity to discover many unique aspects of the Smederevo region and learn about its history. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste Smederevka, a native white wine variety named after this very city.

Info: Smederevo Autumn Festival

Vršac Grape Harvest Days

Another wine festival in September, the Grape Harvest Days, takes place in the city of Vršac. Known also as the Grape Ball, the festival gives visitors an opportunity to sample the famous “wines from sand soil”, which owe their unique flavour to the sandy soil of Vojvodina. The region of Vršac is known for its harmonious white wines, most notably the native Serbian Kreaca, a white wine easy on the palate, with a high sugar content.In addition to the commercial wine and grape exhibition, the event is complemented by a host of culture and sports events, including children’s fancy dress parties, a carnival and a bicycle caravan.

Info: Vršac Grape Harvest Days