Serbia is a true foodie’s paradise. Savoury soups and broths, vegetable dishes, pastries and meats as well as irresistible desserts are daily staples at restaurants and dining tables across the country.

Heavily influenced by the neighbouring Balkan peoples, as well as other European nations, Serbian cuisine is rich and diverse.
Thus, here you can taste the Hungarian goulash, the German strudel and the Turkish baklava yet we also boast some truly authentic Serbian dishes that can’t be found elsewhere.
Favourite foods in the northern part of the country are mainly dough-based, like bread and noodles; in central Serbia, the people are partial to filo pies and roast pork; the west of the country prefers cured meats and lamb dishes, while those in the eastern parts enjoy lamb boiled in milk, polenta and dry shepherds’ pies.
In the south, the dining tables are laden with roasted meats served with typical vegetables of the region, while the people of Kosovo and Metohija have a taste for bungur, pirjanice and numerous lamb and mutton dishes.
After the delicious and plentiful savoury courses, treat yourself to some of the many local sweets – succulent plum, apple, cherry or raspberry cakes, homemade jams and crunchy filo pies.
For further enjoyment couple the tasty delicacies with some of superb local wines or “rakija” (fruit brandies) made by local families. If you prefer non-alcoholic beverages try some of the fresh, local juices or quench your thirst with local mineral water.

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