National Parks

Serbia boasts five national parks: Fruška Gora, Đerdap Gorge/Iron Gate, Tara, Kopaonik and Šar Mountain.

In the national parks, you can set out on a quest to find some of the most endangered species of flora and fauna, enjoy breath-taking views or collect medicinal wild herbs and mushrooms.
From the slopes of Mt. Fruška Gora you will experience a unique view of the undulating Panonian plain, while Đerdap will stun you with views of the deepest gorge in Europe.
On Tara Mountain you can see the endemic Serbian spruce (Picea omorika); Kopaonik Mountain entices you with its lush of flora and fauna, while Šar Mountain beckons with the surreal beauty of its glacial lakes.
Once you’ve experienced all that nature has to offer, you may wish to rest a little and take a break nearby at one of the historical monuments, some of which date back to Prehistoric times.
Whichever activity you choose to engage in, the national parks of Serbia will always welcome you with open arms.

Kopaonik National Park
Kopaonik owes its name to its abundance of mineral resources. To this day, ores of iron, lead and zinc, as well as silver and gold, can be found in the bosom of the mountain.Today, Mt. Kopaonik is...
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Šar Mountain National Park
Šara, the mountain situated on Serbia’s southern border. Its present-day name derives from the Serbian word “šareno“ (colourful) – a testament to the...
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Tara National Park
A sharp bend in the bed of the river Drina hides one of Serbia’s most beautiful mountains – Tara. Together with the town of Zaovine and the Šargan/Mokra gora nature park, it...
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Djerdap National Park
All those whose who happen to visit Eastern Serbia have an opportunity to marvel at the magnificent Djerdap Gorge, Europe’s longest and highest gorge, stretching for 100 whole kilometres of the ...
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Fruška Gora National Park
Just half an hour’s drive from the city of Novi Sad and an hour and a half from Belgrade stands one of Serbia’s most beautiful and also largest national parks, Fruška gora.A...
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