Serbia is a country of merry and relaxed people, always willing to burst into song and dance. No wonder, then that there are festivals year-round as the local population kicks its heels in celebration of arts, sports, food and drink.Attending these festivals is a great way to get to know the locals and their customs as well as to discover different parts of the country. Everywhere you go, the hosts will welcome you with open arms, doing their best to help you fulfil your day and ensure an unforgettable experience in Serbia.

Serbia is known for its major music festivals, which draw in hundreds of thousands of Serbian and foreign music lovers every year. Each of these festivals has its distinctive audience, who sway to traditional or folk music, classical music, jazz, pop, rock or techno. With such a rich offering, you are sure to find a festival that suits your personal tastes.
The country’s film festivals, which attract huge audiences and renowned filmmakers, provide ample opportunities to watch award-winning films and enjoy the unique artistic visions of film-makers from all over the world.
Gourmands will feel at home at one of the gastronomy festivals where various delicacies from all over Serbia can be tasted, while lovers of wine and “rakija” will enjoy sampling the drink of their choice at one of the many dedicated festivals across the country.

Film Festivals
Throughout the year, Serbia hosts many film festivals dedicated to a wide variety of film forms, from environmental and archaeological films, through to short cartoons and masterful documentaries,...
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Culinary Festivals
Influences coming from the neighbouring nations have contributed to the diversity and richness of Serbian gastronomy. Each region of Serbia is famous for its local specialties, some of which are so...
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Music Festivals
In recent decades, Serbia has built a name for itself as a top international destination for those wanting to enjoy great entertainment. Belgrade has a rich music scene, with something for...
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Art Festivals
The rich and diverse programmes of its art festivals make Serbia a must-visit for the true art lovers.Visit one of Serbia’s festivals (music, dance, theatre and much more) and discover the very ...
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Wine Festivals
Serbia is a country with a long winemaking tradition harking back to classical antiquity. Prokupac, Smederevka and Kadarka are just some of the native varieties you can taste in Serbia. Many...
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Sport Events
Thanks to Serbia, the world of sports is all the richer – many top, internationally renowned players of basketball, water pollo, handball and tennis hail from Serbia.A love of sports is...
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