Rural Retreats

Virtually every village in Serbia has at least one rural retreat that will welcome you on your quest to explore undiscovered areas far from the urban hustle and bustle and the crowded tourist resorts, and yet close to national parks, nature parks, rivers, lakes, monasteries, archaeological sites...

Along with the well-known hospitality of your Serbian hosts and hostesses, you will have an opportunity to experience the full diversity of rural Serbia. Vojvodina in the north is recognisable for its “salaš” country houses, known for their richly laden dining tables and their love of horses. In Šumadija and Morava Valley, you will stay in carefully furnished households and typical “Morava-style” houses.
In the wine regions, rural retreats will often have their own, well-stocked wine cellars. On the mountains of Western Serbia, you will rest inside cosy log houses with traditional wooden sleeping quarters known as “vajat”, while the distinctive feature of Eastern Serbia is the traditional mountain houses with porches on Stara Planina mountain.
For those who are unwilling to sacrifice comfort, Serbia offers small tourism complexes, complete with swimming pools and all other modern luxuries.
Wherever you go, you are sure to wake up to the sounds of nature, feast on delicious homemade food and freshly picked fruits and vegetables, learn about rural customs and traditions, discover places off the beaten path and, perhaps most importantly, meet some wonderful people.
Serbia awaits you with its rich and diverse rural tourism offerings.

The rural households of Vojvodina reflect the unique blend of its history, gastronomy and family traditions and encompass the steady pace of life in the region. Nestled in the tranquil plains of...
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Western Serbia
The mountains and gorges of Western Serbia are a true oasis of tranquillity and harmony. Here you can rest in the traditional wooden houses called “vajat” and log cabins, hike along...
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Central Serbia
Famous for is many forests – indeed, its very name, Šumadija, is derived from šuma, Serbian for forest – Central Serbia is perfect for holidays and relaxation in a...
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Eastern Serbia
The region of Eastern Serbia has always had an air of secrecy and mystery about it.The bank of the Danube in the far east of the country has been populated by humans for more than 9,000 years since...
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