If blazing down fast-flowing alpine rivers on inflatable rafts is your idea of a good adventure, you will enjoy rafting on the rapids of Serbia’s rivers. Here, rafting enthusiasts get to experience the thrill of navigating down winding and roaring rivers.

Navigating through untamed water gives an unrivalled adrenaline rush and is the perfect antidote to the daily grind. It’s also the best way to take in the beauty of the natural surroundings from a completely new angle.
The Lim is one of the most exciting rivers for rafting, its rapid and furious water posing a true challenge to all adventurers. If you visit this river in May, make sure to enjoy the traditional “Lim Regatta”, a three-day tourist and sporting event.
The “Merry Ride” is a sporting event that takes place in late June on the river Ibar. If after rafting down the Lim you can muster up the strength to embark on another adventure, take a ride down the 25-kilometre stream of the Ibar.
The river Drina, with its fairy tale-like backdrop and verdant surroundings, is also a must-see. Rafting aficionados find its thrilling rapids hard to resist. It’s worth noting that the waters of the Drina become much calmer further downstream, allowing you to enjoy tranquil, almost meditative rafting and immerse yourself in the surreal beauty of your surroundings.