With its wide massifs, Rudnik mountain dominates Central Serbia and the Šumadija region. Its name, which translates as “mine”, comes from its huge deposits of lead and zinc ore, which are still mined here.The turbulent history of this mountain, which has been explored since the times of the ancient Romans, is visible in the numerous traces of classical antiquity and the medieval period. Serbian rulers and feudal lords also fought over Rudnik. Interestingly, it was here that the dinar of King Dragutin, the first Serbian coin with a Cyrillic inscription, was minted.Today, Rudnik is a popular resort which attracts tourists from all over the world with its majestic nature and numerous cultural and historic landmarks.


Rudnik is a mountain of exquisite natural beauty, overgrown with dense beech, maple and oak forests interspersed with clear brooks and green glades. In the lower areas of Mt. Rudnik, visitors can see rabbits, pheasants and partridges, while wild boars, roe deer, foxes and martens inhabit its higher areas.The mountain, situated at the junction of river basins of the Zapadna Morava, the Velika Morava and the Kolubara, is abundant in rivers - the largest of which are Despotovica and Gruža. Fish species are no less diverse than game; common barbel, gudgeon, common bleak and squalius cephalus can be seen calmly swimming in these waters. There are also many hunting grounds on Rudnik, where visitors can try their hand at hunting both small and large game.
The pleasant air streams, the plentiful annual sunshine and the highly ionized air are beneficial to visitors’ health. The healing effect associated with a stay on Rudnik was first recognised back in 1922, when the mountain was designated a clean air spa.


Hiking along the trails of Rudnik brings immense pleasure to mountaineers, especially those who dare to conquer some of its highest peaks. The most difficult to conquer among them is Cvijić’s Peak, the highest peak of Šumadija at 1,132 metres. Ostrvica, a sharp volcanic rock with steep slopes, is no less challenging.
On Ostrvica (or Ostrovica, as it is also known), you can visit the remains of a small medieval parish town perched atop a rocky elevation 800 metres above sea level.
Apart from the hiking trails, Rudnik also features several cycling routes, allowing you to explore every inch of this magnificent mountain.
The Mountain Hut, the Forest House and Neda are the main accommodation facilities on Rudnik, where you can rest and taste local dishes. Sports lovers will enjoy the outdoor and indoor swimming pools and the fields for various sports, including football, handball, basketball and volleyball.


In antiquity, Rudnik was inhabited by ancient Romans, who built their temples and mining colonies here. Thus, visitors to the mountain can see old mine shafts and the remains of the Roman Temple of Terra Mater (“Mother Earth”), where miners used to pray for safety before entering the shaft.
On the southern slopes of Rudnik stands the monastery of Vraćevšnica, built in the 15th Century, where the decision was made to start the Second Serbian Uprising. The uprising, which began in 1815 in the nearby town of Takovo, is also commemorated by a memorial complex honouring that event. Continue your journey through history by visiting the nearby Mausoleum in Oplenac. At this magnificent edifice, you will gain insight into the life and work of the Serbian Royal House of Karađorđević.
Not far from Rudnik mountain, in the area of the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, there are as many as twelve monasteries which were built in the 14th and 15th centuries.
Rural tourism is highly developed on Mt. Rudnik. In the many rural households of this region, you can experience the authentic atmosphere of a typical Serbian village, whilst enjoying the quiet, clean air and tasting traditional dishes.

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