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Serbia’s enchanting landscapes are a true feast for the eyes and soul. Whichever region of Serbia you choose to visit, you are guaranteed to leave with lasting impressions of its magical scenery and unrivalled experiences.

Climb one of Serbia’s high mountains, fill your lungs with the crisp, fresh alpine air and immerse yourself in the magnificent scenery. Check out their ski slopes or try mountaineering, tackle cycling and hiking trails or try your hand at paragliding on these mountain plateaus.
Step inside the mysterious world of caves lavishly adorned with cave formations or sail down Serbia’s rivers and lakes with crystal-clear water, which are home to an abundance of fish species.
Recharge your batteries at one of Serbia’s spas which boast mineral-rich water and mud, massages, saunas, swimming pools, and many other amenities. Discover spectacular protected natural areas - five national parks, two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, 16 nature parks, 314 natural monuments, 70 nature reserves, and 10 protected wetlands.
In Serbia, you can see plant and animal species which have become virtually extinct elsewhere in Europe.
Welcome to Serbia!

Serbia’s charming cities exude a unique atmosphere, inspiring visitors to return to them again and again.
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Covered with dense forests and emerald-green meadows, interspersed with rapid rivers and clear lakes, Serbia’s mountains are ideal holiday destinations year-round.
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Serbian spas are true ecological centres with abundance of natural beauty, mineral waters, clean air, health, wellness and spa centres – there you can find everything you need for the...
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Serbia’s rich cultural heritage is quintessential to understanding, both European and global, human spirituality and culture.
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