Experience Serbia

With its richly diverse culture and gastronomy, Serbia offers exhilarating new experiences which are guaranteed to make for an unforgettable visit.Be sure to check out one of the many film, music and culinary festivals, which bring hundreds of thousands of people to Serbia every year.

Our country’s museums and galleries display artefacts of immeasurable artistic and cultural value, as well as works of contemporary Serbian artists.
Archaeological sites across Serbia showcase the remains of the different great civilisations that once ruled this region, starting from the Neolithic culture of Lepenski Vir (dating back more than 9,000 years), to the Starčevo culture to artefacts left behind by ancient Romans to medieval Serbian, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian fortresses.
One of the best ways to get to know the soul of a people is to experience its national cuisine. In Serbia hospitable hosts will welcome you with tasty dishes made with generations old family recipes, each occupying a treasured spot in Serbian tradition. You can also sample traditional Serbian wines, cheeses, cured meats, Futog cabbage and many other delicacies with a protected designation of origin.
Savoury Serbian dishes are best washed down with local wine, local fruit brandy known as “rakija”, fruit juices, teas made of local herbs or mineral water of protected origin.
And when you return home brimming with new experiences, you will understand what it means to truly get to know a country inside-out.

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