Terms of Service

General provisions

The National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (“TOS”) is the institution holding the right to create and/or post content on the TOS websites (web portals), namely:

By using the TOS websites (web portals), the User unconditionally agrees to the application of these Terms of Service and it is assumed that the User is capable of accepting the Terms of Service and understanding all risks associated with the use of posted content.
Any other use of content posted on the TOS websites is subject to relevant legal protection and exercise of all available remedies against the User or a third party who abused the content of the TOS websites (web portals) in any unlawful way.


The content posted on the TOS websites (web portals) with all its elements includes:

  • Logos and trademarks
  • Texts
  • Graphic and visual elements
  • Info and technical material
  • Video and audio content

Applications and databases

And as such is available to the End User, regardless of the form of its presentation and publishing.
TOS reserves the right to change or delete any content or service on its websites (web portals) without notice at any time and cannot be held liable for any damage cause to Users or third parties.
In the TOS websites (web portals) can feature third-party content, which may be created or downloaded by third parties. TOS does not guarantee that the use and downloading of such content will not constitute a breach of intellectual property rights.
TOS is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of third-party content in any context.


Access to the TOS websites (web portals) is enabled for all persons with appropriate technical (computer) equipment and internet connection, except in certain cases of technical or human error of unavailability of communication connections, force majeure or operation of law, in which cases TOS is forced to, temporarily or for a longer period, restrict the means of accessing or ability to access the websites (web portals) for certain Users, groups of Users or all Users.
TOS is not liable for any damage caused to the above restrictions in any of the above cases.
The User shall access the TOS websites (web portals) using standard technical equipment and common standards and procedures for accessing a website and its content.
The content posted on the websites (web portals) may be searched only by using permissible information technology methods, in the manner and in quantities common for the User. Any other form of searching or using the content, which bypasses procedures and technologies and which uses specific downloading applications or tools that are not common for a regular User, shall constitute a breach of rights held by TOS and the User shall bear full substantive, legal or infringement liability.


TOS cares about the privacy of its visitors and Users and is fully committed to personal data protection and their proper use, in accordance with data protection laws.
TOS operates in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), adopted by the European Parliament, which aims to give back control over personal data to data subjects and to simplify the regulatory environment for international operations by harmonising regulations within the EU.
TOS also operates in compliance with the requirements of the EU-US Privacy Shield.
We also operate in full compliance with the requirements set forth in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia governing this field.

Data security at TOS is based on:

  • Data security policies for employees and outsourced staff.
  • Organisation of data security through internal arrangements and security assurance in the use of own devices by employees, in telecommuting and in the use of mobile devices.
  • Human resource security in the context of data security, based on candidate checks before employment, introduction to data security through on-the-job education and training and defining of responsibilities after termination of employment.
  • Responsibility for data, classification of data by importance and treatment of external staff.
  • Network and network service access control, user access control, user responsibility, system and application control and cryptographic controls.
  • Physical security, workplace security and equipment protection.
  • Security of functioning and communication.
  • Supplier relations in the context of data security.
  • Incident management in the context of data security.
  • Management in the context of business continuity.
  • Compliance with legal and contractual obligations.

We store all data we use in an effort to improve user experience on our servers and, in the case of subscriptions to our official newsletters, in the MailChimp database. TOS does not use its Users’ personal data to create any other data collections within the meaning of the Law on Personal Data Protection.
We also collect data through the Google Analytics server in connection with visits to our websites (web portals), including on social network portals (Facebook, Instagram and others) and on servers which host our websites.
We fully comply with all laws of the Republic of Serbia, in particular those pertaining to data security and the requirements of the GDPR and the EU-US Privacy Shield.
We cooperate with the Office of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

Do Not Track

Do Not Track is an option which enables users to block social networks from following them and collecting their personal data for any purpose. Do Not Track options are available for all modern web browsers, including:

All Users wishing to remove their data from our databases can do so by contacting us at admin@serbia.travel.

Dispute Resolution and International Law

We will attempt to settle amicably any disputes arising in connection with the Terms of Service, including disputes relating to their development, content or termination; failing amicable settlement, the User submits to the in-rem jurisdiction of the relevant Belgrade court.

Changes to the Terms of Service

TOS reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time and shall not be liable for any consequences that may arise due to such changes. Changes shall take effect immediately upon their posting on the TOS websites (web portals).

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Belgrade, March 2019