Natural Monuments

Nature must have been overflowing with inspiration when creating Serbia’s landscape.
It was nature itself that shaped the bridges and gates on the river Vratna - it coloured the spring of the river Mlava and the Krupajsko vrelo spring with surreal hues, it dug through the green karst of Lazar’s Cave, making enchanting caves along the way. Nature also created the steps down which the river Sopotnica would descend with a mighty hum and nature that stacked rock upon rock to create the impressive figures of the Devil’s Town.
With all our knowledge and constantly advancing technologies, we will never come close to designing and building monuments that could match the magnificence of what Mother Nature “designed” herself.
Whichever of Serbia’s natural monuments you choose to visit, you will leave it with an insatiable thirst to experience more.

Devil’s Town
In Southern Serbia, at the heart of Radan Mountain, nature has “carved” exactly 202 figures in the soil, bedecked with rock caps. Standing up to fifteen metres high and three metres wide, ...
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Lazar’s Canyon
Lazar’s Canyon, delved masterfully by the river Lazareva reka, stretches along the eastern side of Kučaj mountains.This imposing canyon is carved into the limestone of the Dubašnička...
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Vratna Gates
The river Vratna has carved its bed through Eastern Serbia, creating breath-taking cliffs and canyons along the way to its confluence with the Danube. However, this isn’t the main reason why...
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Mlava Spring and Krupaj Spring
The Homolje mountain region is known for being a natural oasis, while the foot of Beljanica mountain in Eastern Serbia is filled with mighty river springs. Two of them stand out above the rest; the...
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Sopotnica Waterfalls
As you approach the waterfalls on the river Sopotnica, you will see absolutely no hint of the splendid natural treasure you are about to discover. On the narrow dirt road, which can only be traversed ...
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