Rivers and Lakes

Serbia is a country blessed with an abundance of rivers and lakes, which provide ideal opportunities for holiday travel and recreation and are also perfect for cooling down during the hot summer months.

The miles-long basins of rivers such as the Sava and the Danube connect Serbia to other European countries, while rapid mountain rivers like the Drina are favourite gathering spots for extreme sports enthusiasts who enjoy rafting - which Serbia is widely known for.
Those who seek a more tranquil holiday can visit one of Serbia’s many lakes. Apart from enjoying clean water and maintained beaches, visitors can also take part in the many sports on offer at the lakes or enjoy a memorable night out.
Many rivers and lakes are rich in fish, which makes them particularly appealing during the fishing season. Depending on where you’re staying and fishing prowess you can try your hand at catching carp, trout, catfish, crucian carp and many more species of freshwater fish.
Experience the unique environment and wonderful atmosphere of the water and ensure you pay a visit to one of Serbia’s many rivers or lakes.

Bela Crkva Lakes
Originally created to meet the demand of the burgeoning gravel industry in the early 20th Century, Bela Crkva lakes soon became a landmark in their own right, attracting visitors with their...
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Extolled in the famous composition by Johann Strauss, Jr. On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Europe's most beautiful river, the Danube, has always been an inspiration to its visitors. With its...
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Lake Palić
In the north of Serbia, towards the border with Hungary, lies Lake Palić, a true jewel in the crown of the country’s recreational, cultural and spa tourism.
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The river Drina has long been fascinating visitors with its beauty, incredible speed and unpredictability. Having marked the historical border between the Eastern and the Western Roman empires and...
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Bor Lake
Bor Lake lies at the foothill of the Crni vrh mountain, at an elevation of 438 metres above sea level. Created in the mid-20thv Century when water courses were cut off by a dam, it quickly became a...
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The Sava
Whether you plan to visit Serbia for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, the river Sava is a must see. Along its 200-kilometre course, the river Sava will take you through numerous cultural and...
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Silver Lake
Not far from Belgrade, on the Danube, lies the Silver Lake - one of the most popular lakes in Serbia. It takes its name from the beautiful silver shimmers on its surface at dusk, as rays of the...
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Vlasina Lake
The largest and highest artificial lake in Serbia lies more than 1,200 metres above sea level, on the spacious Vlasina plateau. Created when the river Vlasina was closed off by a dam in a wetland...
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