Belgrade, a digital city

Serbia has already got the experience with the expectations of "digital nomads". According to the ratings of nomad tourists, Belgrade has reached seventh place among the cities fit to stay and work as it provides a good connection with many European centres, fast internet, rich social life and adventures in nature.

Since they stay on "working vacation" for several weeks, they need additional contents - the sites they will get familiar with or visit, the routes they can walk along or ride a bike. What Belgrade does not have they can find in the cities and places nearby with which the capital is well connected.

A longer stay in Belgrade offers you a possibility to tour around the most important sites such as the Temple of St. Sava, the monument to Stefan Nemanja, get acquainted with the centuries-old history of Belgrade, walk through Kalemegdan, visit Gardoš, or visit the galleries and museums that testify to its tradition, culture and interests of Belgrade residents.

You can take a break from working hours at Avala, in Košutnjak, on the promenade or at the bathing resort at Ada Ciganlija.

A day, evening or night on the river is an experience that guests of Belgrade do not miss. The Danube and Sava quays, Belgrade Water Front or the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, are some of the places where you can certainly replenish your work energy.