Serbia is a country full of hidden natural treasures, so hurry up and discover them!From the vast plains in the north to the high mountains in the south, Serbia will constantly surprise you with the diversity of its landscapes and the life that inhabits it. Many plant and animal species which are virtually extinct elsewhere in Europe have found sanctuary here.

The country’s national parks hide rare flowers, its clear rivers brim with globally endangered fish species and birds that have become almost extinct elsewhere soar above its mountain peaks. Plant lovers will also discover many native species, that grow only in these parts of the world.
Serbia also boasts Europe’s largest sand region, as well as numerous wetland areas, which have become home to many shorebird species.
Serbia’s magnificent natural resources are protected both nationally and internationally. Thus, the UNESCO International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and Biosphere Programme declared two biosphere reserves of outstanding natural interest and biodiversity, Golija-Studenica and Bačko Podunavlje.
You can also discover Serbia through a wide selection of sport activities, as the country abounds in places ideal for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, swimming, paragliding, cycling and kayaking - only your imagination is the limit!

UNESCO Reserves
In Serbia the Bačko Podunavlje and Golija Mountain both hold the prestigious title of designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. These unique natural sites, filled with lush flora and fauna, are...
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Nature parks
Whichever nature park in Serbia you choose to visit, it will have its own unique story to tell you.In Northern Serbia time seems to slow to a more leisurely pace – particularly when you relax...
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Natural Monuments
Nature must have been overflowing with inspiration when creating Serbia’s landscape.It was nature itself that shaped the bridges and gates on the river Vratna - it coloured the spring of the...
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Nature Reserves
Nature reserves are the true gems of Serbia, we take immense pride in them and give them the care they deserve.Here you can enjoy colourful and diverse nature, from the plains, wetlands and...
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Attractive, spacious and mysterious, Serbia’s caves are a must-see for archaeology and speleology enthusiasts, mountaineers and for all who appreciate pristine nature.
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Rivers and Lakes
Serbia is a country blessed with an abundance of rivers and lakes, which provide ideal opportunities for holiday travel and recreation and are also perfect for cooling down during the hot summer...
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National Parks
Serbia boasts five national parks: Fruška Gora, Đerdap Gorge/Iron Gate, Tara, Kopaonik and Šar Mountain.
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