The natural characteristics of this mountain, named after gold (zlato in Serbian), fully live up to its name.
Zlatar is lush with fragrant meadows and clean lakes surrounded by Serbian spruce and birch trees. Owing to a unique blend of Mediterranean and alpine climates, the mountain boasts long annual sunshine and crisp mountain air.
The pleasant climate, the picturesque plant cover and the authentic viewpoints interspersed by the rivers Lim, Uvac and Bistrica make Zlatar a must-see destination, both for those who wish to spend their holidays in nature and those seeking sporting and recreational holidays.


In addition to the lush plant life and the breath-taking views from its plateaus, Zlatar is also known for the many rivers and lakes that surround it.
It boasts as many as four artificial lakes – Zlatarsko, Sjeničko, Radoinjsko, and Potpećko. Although man-made, their beauty is absolutely on par with the best nature has to offer.
Not far from Mount Zlatar lies the canyon of the river Uvac, the habitat of a bird species unique to this part of Europe – the griffon vulture.
Because of its interesting landscapes, crystal-clear water rich in fish and beautiful meanders, the canyon of the river Uvac attracts fishermen, adventurers, nature lovers and photo-tourism aficionados alike. There are also two caves with lavish rock formations – Ušačka pećina and Ledena pećina – both of which are accessible by boat.
The course of the river Lim cuts through the mountain’s grey limestone, providing ideal opportunities for rafting and recreation, while it's tributary the Sopotnicafeatures cascading waterfalls of exquisite beauty which, coupled with the surrounding fauna, creates an awe-inspiring sight.

uvac zlatar - Aleksandar Bubanja

photo: Aleksandar Bubanja


During the winter months, Zlatar attracts visitors with its maintained alpine ski slopes, equipped with state-of-the-art ski lifts and suitable for skiers of all skill levels.
The main ski slope is more than a kilometer long and is fitted with artificial snow machines along its entire length. As the main ski slope is well lit, it can also be used for night skiing.
In the summer, you can explore the mountain on foot by taking one of the several hiking trails which will take you through the fir and spruce forests to the hidden corners of the mountain. You can also rent a bicycle and take one of the cycling trails which lead from Zlatar to lake Uvac, the Pešter plateau or the monastery of Mileševa in Prijepolje.
The bravest visitors have at their disposal an adrenaline park with beams, vines, horizontal ladders and many other obstacles they have to conquer to move between platforms.
If you are a sporty type, gather your friends and visit the recently built canopied sports hall, featuring eight multifunctional courts for football, volleyball, basketball and handball.
Rafting and water sport enthusiasts can test their skills by joining either the Lim Regatta or Uvac Regatta or by swimming and kayaking in the Zlatar lake.

zlatar by Aleksandar Bubanja

photo: Aleksandar Bubanja


The wooden churches in the villages of Kućani and Radijevići are must-see landmarks in Zlatar. There is also the wooden church in Peta, the oldest of its kind, which is protected by the state as a monument of exceptional importance.
A cultural and historic landmark of the region which should be on every traveler’s itinerary is the monastery of Mileševa, built in the 13th Century by the grandson of Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja. Another gem of architecture, the Banja monastery, is also nearby.
Basketball fans will enjoy a visit to the Vlade Divac Museum in Prijepolje, a unique sports museum dedicated to the international basketball star, who was born in this town.
Not far from Zlatar, in the town of Priboj, you can visit the Monastery of Saint Nicholas and the Heritage Museum and sample the unmatched Zlatar cheese and “pribojske ćeške”, a local delicacy made of chicken and barley.
At the nearby Pribojska banja spa, you can treat your mind and body to some of the many massages and spa programs as well as swimming in the mineral water pools.

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