Western Serbia

Western Serbia is known for its mountains that offer your family plenty of opportunities for rest and recreation throughout the year.

This is the reason families from all over the world choose the modern ski centre of Zlatibor Mountain. Tornik, the ski centre in Zlatibor, is an ideal place to get together with your children and enjoy winter activities such as skiing and sledding. In the winter you can make use of the ski lift for skiing and snowboarding, in the warmer months you can take a trip on the lift to enjoy the panoramic views of this beautiful mountain. The tubing slope can be used all year round, as can the easy walking paths that are accessible to all ages.
Near the tourist centre of Zlatibor is the only open-air museum in Serbia – the old village of Sirogojno. It consists of 50 structures brought from nearby Zlatibor villages whose unique architecture faithfully depicts how people used to live in the region. This is one of the few museums where you can spend the night - stay in one of seven comfortable, authentic log cabins and pretend you’re living the Zlatibor fairytale.
In the village of Zlakusa, near Užice, the children can watch traditional ceramic dishes being made – from a lump of clay to the final product. Available to buy on site, these dishes are ideal for cooking in; ensuring food tastes extra special.

Visit Terzića Avlija, an ethno-village in Zlakusa, where the ethnological heritage of the region is preserved in two traditionally built houses. The village also has a restaurant where you can taste traditional dishes, before continuing your exploration of the region with a visit to the nearby Potpećka Pećina Cave.
Artefacts from the Neolithic period – remains of pottery, crafted deer antlers, stone weapons – were found in Potpećka Pećina Cave. Once children enter the cave, they will feel like junior researchers, studying tools used by our ancestors.
Stopića Pećina Cave in the Zlatibor mountain is fully lit to showcase its magnificent halls and rimstone pools. When the humidity is high, the cascading water overflows from one pool to another, creating beautiful waterfalls.
Just 40km from the Zlatibor stands another mountain - the Zlatar, with a number of winding rivers, hidden little lakes and mystical caves. Hugely popular amongst teenagers, the longest ski slope in the Zlatar, Briježđa, is open for night skiing. For younger guests there is a special children's slope, where children will be able to begin their ski journey. The Zlatar is a great place for family holidays no matter the time of year - in the summer months your family can enjoy the walking trails, tackle the obstacles in the adventure park or play sports at one of many courts and playgrounds.
The meandering Uvac River flows in the Zlatar which, coupled with the surrounding green forests, creates a picture postcard landscape. The unspoiled nature of the Ibar gorge will enchant you and - if you're lucky enough – you’ll spot tremendous griffon vultures nestling on the cliffs and swooping through the gorge. The most complex cave system in Serbia is also found here which, no doubt, your guide will tell you all about.

zlatibor gold gondola
The powerful Maglič fortress stands high above the cliffs, by the modern M22, between Kraljevo and Ušće. This distinctive fortress, built in the 13th century, derives its name from the word Magla, Serbian for fog, which it is often surrounded by. The strong walls of this once impregnable fortress will transport you back in time.
The parks of the Zlatar and Zlatibor mountains will be a fun addition to your family’s stay. The Zlatibor Adventure Park consists of six adventure trails of differing skill levels, to suit all ages and physical abilities, while the tree-top Zlatar Adrenaline Park is for adventurous older children only (15+). Not forgetting the Dino Park in Zlatibor, offering visitors a range of entertaining and educational content.
The Tara is one of the most visited mountains in Serbia and a cyclist’s paradise. It has kilometers of asphalt, gravel and dirt trails that are open all year round. You can also get the adrenaline pumping with a free-climbing experience led by experienced local guides.
Or, if you want to enjoy a more laid-back exploration of the Tara, take one of more than 30 marked hiking paths.

The mountain has seven ski slopes suitable for all skill levels. And if your children have not yet learned to ski they can join the local ski school and learn from the experts.
The mountain is also a designated national park, home to over a thousand different plant species, 130 bird species and many other interesting animals. In the tourist centre of Mitrovac, you can visit an interesting exhibition on the biology, geology, archaeology, and ethnography of the region. And keep an eye out for the Serbian spruce aka Pančićeva omorika, an endemic species of evergreen tree that only grows in this area.
Adventurous families should pay a visit to the Drina River which offers a range of watersports including kayaking, rafting and paddle-boarding – all of which will provide an unforgettable day of fun in a picturesque setting.
In the village of Gornja Koviljača, on the banks of the Drina River, you can relax in Sunčana Reka which has a horse farm, a beach and various sports facilities. You will also find the ethno-village of Vrhpolje . The nearby village of Drlače boasts authentic vajati, traditionally decorated, small wooden houses and the perfect place to relax.
Don't miss the opportunity to take a picturesque train ride through Western Serbia. The restored Nostalgija train departs from Šargan Vitasi station, traveling along the famous Šargan Eight, a narrow-gauge railroad, all the way to the Mokra Gora national park. The fifteen-and-a-half-kilometer route takes passengers on a journey through 22 tunnels and five bridges, all through the beautiful mountain landscape.
Upon arrival in Mokra Gora you will be greeted by the sight of the magical town of Drvengrad. Drvengrad is an ethno-village created by famed film director Emir Kusturica. The village, filled with paved streets and wooden houses, will leave you feeling as though you’ve stepped into a fairy tale.