Art Festivals

The rich and diverse programmes of its art festivals make Serbia a must-visit for the true art lovers.Visit one of Serbia’s festivals (music, dance, theatre and much more) and discover the very best of both Serbian and international productions.


This provocative theatre festival which brings the world’s most innovative theatre companies to Serbia is held every September in theatres all over Belgrade.Known as a festival for experimental, controversial and radical plays, a visit to BITEF is an ideal way to discover more about postmodernist theatre and dance.


October Salon

As the largest visual arts event in the country, October Salon has been displaying hundreds of works of only the best contemporary Serbian and foreign visual artists for more than half a century.In addition to the grandiose exhibition of paintings, sculptures and video, audio and other works, this major biannual event also includes roundtables, workshops, lectures, professional guidance and performances.

Info: October Salon

Dance Festival

In late March and early April, Belgrade becomes the world’s dance capital, as selected dance companies from all over the world flock here to participate in this event.By presenting the work of both renowned choreographers and their young and aspiring counterparts, the Dance Festival gives its visitors an opportunity to see masterful dance performances and introduces them to some of the latest trends in this art form.

Info: Dance Festival

Sterija’s Theatre Festival

Sterija’s Theatre Festival is a national drama and theatre festival established in 1956 to mark the 150th anniversary of birth and the 100th anniversary of death of the great Serbian comedy playwright Jovan Sterija Popović.This theatre festival held in Novi Sad every May shows plays based on the works of Serbian authors, which compete for the best play award in the competitive segment of the festival.

Info: Sterija’s Theatre Festival

Marble and Sounds

Marble quarried at Venčac mountain, near the town of Aranđelovac, has inspired numerous artists for decades. The festival titled “Marble and Sounds”, held every year in this town, is a display of their love of marble and arts.The event features sculpture and pottery workshops, where skilled artists’ hand craft ceramic objects and marble sculptures which are then displayed at the Free Sculpture Park in Bukovička Banja spa.The rich drama, music, literary, visual art, film, ballet and folklore programmes of the event, which spans all three months of summer, make this festival the longest and most diverse art event in Serbia.