Belgrade and Its Wider Area

Belgrade and its wider area offer plentiful sites and activities ideal for the whole family.
Whether you crave a family retreat into nature, like an active holiday on Avala mountain or on the Ada Ciganlija river island, or you prefer to explore the underground world of Belgrade and its ancient fortresses rich in history, or perhaps something completely different – carting, for example – you will find it all in Serbia’s capital. 

Ada Ciganlija, an island on the river Sava, stands out as a favourite family picnic area. Thousands of families visit the popular “Sea of Belgrade” every year to sunbathe on its beaches and swim in the lake. There is also a great deal of water sports for the whole family to choose from. This large river island is the ideal spot for families wanting to enjoy the natural surroundings and local wildlife with visits to the adventure park, or for those who are more daring bungee jumping, paintballing, free climbing… For most visitors though, simply bringing a ball to start a game of football or basketball in one of the many fields is all it takes to ensure a good time.

On the Great War Island on the Sava, the whole family can embark on a great kayak adventure. Kayaking, first with the help of an instructor, and then on your own, is a great way for you and your children to spend some time on the water, improve your fitness and develop your coordination.
Many say Belgrade is at its most beautiful when viewed from its rivers. Alongside the regular boat tours, you can also take your family on a cruise aboard the medieval battle ship Svibor Slavjana, an experience that will entertain both children and parents.
Avala, a mountain near Belgrade, is an ideal spot for families who enjoy spending their spare time in nature. While hiking on one of its many trails, you can teach your children about the unique local terrain and the plants, insects and birds that inhabit it. Children will be thrilled by the large playground on the mountain, as well as the opportunity to cycle on the road or on demanding dirt tracks. Whilst here, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the World War I Monument to the Unknown Hero at the summit and Mount Avala’s iconic landmark the TV tower, with a restaurant at 119 metres above ground, offering spectacular views of the city.
At Obedska Bara Special Nature Reserve, your children will be able to see well known plants and animal species. The large wetland area that the river Sava has created is a magical and unusual swamp teeming with life.
Jakovo, a town near Belgrade, has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Today, it boasts a wide variety of amenities. Start your tour by visiting Fenek monastery, which is believed to have been built in the 16th Century. Spend a fun day at the swimming pools of S Club aquapark, with large slides for children and adults. Not far from the aquapark lies Stremen Salaš, a traditional farm house where visitors can immerse themselves in Vojvodina village life and try horse-riding - great even for beginners.
If you’re looking to relax in an authentic rural environment, visit the ethno-village Babina reka in Lazarevac, surrounded by a forest, streams and a river – an ideal spot for a respite from urban hustle and bustle.
Horse lovers will also enjoy visiting the Belgrade Hippodrome, a horse racetrack, which is the oldest sport facility in Belgrade, having been built in 1920. You can spend the day watching horse races and other competitive disciplines or you can also put your own skills to the test. The racetrack also offers hippotherapy sessions, where horse-riding is used as a therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment of neuromotor disorders.
Kalemegdan, the magnificent Belgrade Fortress at the heart of the city, is at the centre of many cultural events. It holds regular exhibitions and concerts, including educational shows for children.

Nestled between the walls of Kalemegdan lies Dino Park, with interactive entertainment that will introduce your children to the magical world of prehistoric animals. Older children may be more interested in the Military Museum and the deep Roman Well, while the most fun in this area, regardless of your age, can be found at the Zoo and the amusement park!
You can continue your exploration of the animal kingdom at the Public Aquarium and Tropicarium Belgrade, where you can see fish, reptiles, insects and amphibians from all continents. The building has a reptile corner, where you can observe these amazing creatures in their natural habitat, as well as a bonsai corner, with miniature trees from the Serbian mountains.
If your children are tree-lovers, they will enjoy visiting Jeveremovac Botanical Garden. Opened in 1874 at the very heart of the city, it preserves more than a thousand different species of plants from all continents in an area covering more than five hectares. Learn all about European and exotic plants, relax at the Japanese garden or walk to the Children’s Corner.
The most attractive tour of the Serbian capital for families is the Underground Secrets of Belgrade. This tour of caves, dungeons, walled rivers and secret passages is a whole hidden world of the past, ideal for inspiring children’s wild imagination.
The city’s many museums hold various workshops that will educate your children through fun and games. At the Museum of Science and Technology, your children can experience optical illusions, test their balance and enjoy many other fun experiences.
You can continue your quest for knowledge at the Nikola Tesla Museum, where stories of the life of this renowned scientist can be discovered. Aspiring pilots will be thrilled by the old and modern aircraft on display at the Aeronautical Museum.