Explore Serbia

To explore everything Serbia has to offer, make sure to wander off the beaten track and peek inside its hidden nooks and crannies.Here you will find traditional, rural households open to tourists wanting to experience the authentic atmosphere of a Serbian village. People living in these rural households enjoy a simple, traditional life, at harmony with nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

True adventurers can choose between different types of active holidays – from cycling and rafting to skiing, mountaineering and freeclimbing to bird watching! Serbia wholeheartedly offers what you need to add the thrill of an adrenaline rush to your holiday. If, however, you prefer a more tranquil break away from the daily grind, choose a family holiday and head to one of the many resorts with amenities for children.
Or simply pick one of the themed routes which will take you through ancient Roman sites, medieval fortresses, exquisite Romanesque monasteries, major scientific discoveries and much, much more.
Head towards an unforgettable adventure – towards a country that will welcome you with open arms and entice you to explore.

Active Holiday
A holiday is not necessarily always about visiting bustling urban destinations or visiting cultural landmarks. Sometimes an escape into nature is what we need to give our minds a break from the...
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Family holidays
Memories created on family holiday’s last a lifetime, which is why choosing the perfect destination is so important.
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Rural Retreats
Virtually every village in Serbia has at least one rural retreat that will welcome you on your quest to explore undiscovered areas far from the urban hustle and bustle and the crowded tourist...
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Thematic Routes
Adventurers can choose between many interesting thematic routes – with so many options to choose from, even the most demanding travelers will find something to satisfy their needs!
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Serbia Open Office
Good destination and free time. These are traditionally the conditions for a break from work and a shorter or longer vacation. New circumstances, even before the pandemic, and especially at the time...
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