Vrnjačka Banja Spa – Serbia’s Elite Spa

The therapeutic properties of this spa’s water were already well known in the times of ancient Romans – modern visitors have been able to enjoy the full benefits of a regulated spa complex for more than 150 years.

Among the seven springs used both for fresh drinking water and for therapeutic purposes, the one with a water temperature similar to human body temperature stands out in particular, as it is the only such spring in Europe.Vrnjačka Banja spa features a state-of-the-art medical centre providing a full set of services from diagnostics to treatment and rehabilitation. Here you can also learn a lot about prevention of digestive tract disorders and diabetes.
Visitors also have at their disposal a wide range of wellness programmes, as well as various forms of entertainment, including art events and film and music festivals, while children will be delighted to visit the large Carnival of Vrnjci, during which the whole town is filled with a vibrant and positive atmosphere.
Near Vrnjačka Banja spa lies Goč mountain, an ideal spot for skiing in wintertime and for long walks and picnics in the summer months.

Vrnjačka Banja Tourist Organization
Vrnjačka 6/2
36210 Vrnjačka Banja

+381 (0)36 621 900