Hiking and Mountaineering

Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to explore the natural beauty and tourist amenities of any country whilst getting to know its people and learning about their unique customs and culture. Serbia’s lush forests, verdant pastures and towering mountain peaks pose a genuine challenge even to the most experienced of mountaineers.As you hike across Serbia, you will be able to enjoy breath-taking natural beauty and stunning vistas whilst also learning first-hand about some of its hidden treasures and their immense cultural and historic significance.

When we think of hiking, we usually imagine nature, with its vast verdant expanse and crisp clean air; however, some of the more interesting walking tours are available in cities and their immediate and wider surroundings.
The areas surrounding many Serbian cities, towns and small communities provide a perfect blend of natural beauty and historic heritage.
In Belgrade, for example, the captivating forest of Košutnjak, situated just several kilometres from the urban heart of the city, offers many hiking and running trails. Also nearby is Avala mountain, with the Avala Tower and the Monument to the Unknown Hero perched on its peak.
Fruška gora, a mountain near the city of Novi Sad interspersed with mountaineering and hiking trails, is home to numerous monasteries and monuments.
Mountaineering is one of the most popular activities beside hiking, due to Serbia’s abundant and diverse mountains, which make the country’s relief a highly dynamic one. This activity is becoming increasingly popular among the young and there are now many tours available for beginners, not just skilled mountaineers.

Info: Mountaineering association of Serbia