Cities in Serbia, welcome packages

Apart from the capital, those who used to be nomads previously also got to know the beauties of Serbia in its north and west. The potentials of Novi Sad, for example, are not unknown to them. The vicinity of Belgrade, the airport, as well as the special energy of Vojvodina, the art of living, as well as the spirit of the city suitable for those who would like to have peace during the working hours, but also to spend the rest of the day in silence, or walking by the river, in peaceful enjoyment. The European Capital of Culture 2022 offers an introduction to the cultural and creative potentials of this city. The offer for those who would like to feel the spirit of the youth capital, or the benefits of "Exit City" does not lag behind in terms of quality either.

Niš, Prijepolje, Leskovac, Subotica, Smederevo, Vršac, Aranđelovac, Sombor, Veliko Gradište, Ljubovija, Petrovac na Mlavi, Užice, Zaječar, Bela Crkva, etc. have prepared welcome packages for "diligent tourists", some based on experience, some wanting to acquire something new. All those who would like to avoid the crowds of a big city, to get to know smaller communities, their architecture, history and cultural-historical monuments, will not make a mistake by choosing one of the inland cities. The hospitality industry entrepreneurs guarantee a stable and fast internet connection and always available IT support.

They are ready to provide rooms, with a view if desired, for comfortable working hours. They will also add an online conference space, an isolated corner for undisturbed communication with business partners in the lobby, restaurant, personalized meal. After working hours, you can choose free or fitness and spa with a discount, as well as additional privileges for staying longer than a month...

You can organize every detail of a free weekend alone, or with the assistance of a host. You can move to nearby or distant areas. A good plan will allow you to easily find yourself at one of the destinations that are included in the list of cultural routes of the Council of Europe where you will get to know the heritage of different cultures.

Adventure in nature, or rafting during the summer months, the advantages of walking or hiking in the fresh air - all that is at only an hour or two from your office.