Whether you’re a hardcore cycling aficionado or only cycle recreationally from time to time, Serbia’s diverse terrain provides the perfect backdrop for your passion.From undemanding rides on the cities cycle lanes to the international cycling race “Tour de Serbie”, Serbia offers plenty of ways for you to enjoy the sport.

Serbia also sits on the European cycling route Eurovelo 6, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. The route through Serbia follows the course of the Danube, guaranteeing enjoyment of Serbia’s natural and historic landmarks. If you prefer exploring more urban areas, you can also visit Serbia’s city centres by bicycle.
And if excitement and an adrenaline rush is what you’re after, we recommend mountain biking. Challenging rides down steep alpine paths offers the perfect mix of cycling and exploration. No other experience can match the sensation you feel as you speed down challenging rocky paths! This is also an unconventional way to get to know Serbia’s many mountains outside of the skiing season.