The plains of Vojvodina in northern Serbia instils a sense of calm and serenity. If you’re looking for a countryside escape for your family, Vojvodina will undoubtedly meet all your expectations.

The region is a galloping horses’ paradise – stables and stud farms can be found all around the villages and plains of Vojvodina.
Karađorđevo, in Bačka Palanka has a long tradition of breeding Lipizzans – beautiful white horses that look as though they are from fairy tales. Let your children live out their own fairy tale fantasy with a horseback ride or ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Karađorđevo also has ponies to ensure even the youngest of children can join in the fun.
In Zobnatica there is a centuries-old horse farm as well as a riding school and museum where you can learn about the exciting history of Serbian equestrian sport.
Don’t miss the famous Kelebija stables in the far North of Serbia. In addition to horseback riding and visiting the farm, they organise horse-drawn carriage rides in the nearby Kelebijska Šuma forest.
The town of Bela Crkva has seven lakes, the perfect place for quality time as a family. Take the opportunity to explore the lakes in a pedal boat or kayak. The warmer months are ideal for children wanting to enjoy a scuba diving course.
Located nearby is the Deliblatska Peščara Sands featuring kilometres of well-kept hiking trails where you’ll be able to spot a great number of birds. And if you have time to cross the river – you can visit the mighty Ram Fortress built on the banks of the Danube, which is especially exciting for children.
Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to the nature reserve of Zasavica. Several hundred species of birds, mammals and fish live in the reserve. More recent inhabitants include a colony of beavers who have skilfully built wooden dams along the little river of Zasavica and its tributary the Batar.

Lake Palić, in Subotica, is another spot ideal for families. Featuring an educational eco-trail, surrounded by watchtowers, children will be able to play at being ornithologists as they observe the numerous species of birds.
After hiking, you can relax at the resort on the south side, play volleyball, or try your hand at rowing, sailing or enjoy a pedal boat ride. The resort offers a wide range of activities and entertainment that to fill your day.
For children wanting to learn more about animals, a visit to Palić Zoo is a must. Children and adults will be able to learn about the importance of conservation of both domestic and exotic animals as well enjoying a visit to the petting zoo and kids’ playground.
To the West of Palić, there is one of the best-preserved marshlands in the country – Gornje Podunavlje known as the ‘European Amazon’. This special nature reserve forms part of the Biosphere reserve of Bačko Podunavlje which is under the protection of UNESCO. Professional guides will introduce you to the local flora and fauna of this internationally important nature reserve. Visitors are able to rent all-terrain vehicles and explore the open fields which are perfect for wild camping. If that sounds too adventurous, you can enjoy horse-drawn carriages, cycling, or even a catamaran or boat ride in order to explore the reserve by water.
The town of Pećinci boasts a unique and fascinating museum dedicated to bread. Founded by the painter Slobodan Jeremić – Jeremija, you will learn about growing wheat, flour making and baking through the centuries.
The education can continue at the archaeological site of Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica. This ancient Roman city was one of the main strongholds of the Roman army and a major commercial city which eventually became a powerful capital. The life of the ancient Romans in the First centuries is brought to life by the hologram of a Roman Emperor in a virtual tour through Sirmium. During the Festival "Imperial Sirmium – city of legends", you can sample food prepared using ancient Roman recipes, discover the ancient language and watch a theatre show.
In the town of Kovačica, you can take part in a workshop led by Jan Nemeček, the famous violin maker and Professor. Jan speaks with such passion about this beautiful instrument that it will undoubtedly capture you child’s imagination and it may well inspire them to take up a classical instrument of their own.
Go back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth by visiting Dino Park. Located in Novi Sad, this scientific amusement park contains 24 replicas of dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era and features a range of educational and entertaining content plus cinemas. Little ones will be enthralled by the sandpit where they can dig for fossils.
No visit to Novi Sad is complete without a trip to the blue Danube. Head to the water and enjoy either a kayak, catamaran or canoe ride. For those who would rather stay on dry land, rent bicycles and meander along the paths surrounding the river. There are also several museums in the city which cater to children and inspire creative play. Families can also pay a visit to the nearby Fruska Gora Mountain where hiking trails, beautiful vistas and stunning monasteries await.
No family vacation is as refreshing as a stay at one of the salaš in Vojvodina. Expect cosy bedrooms, huge dining rooms filled with the aromas of traditional regional cuisine and various domestic animals pottering around the yard, which will children will surely appreciate! The hospitality and friendliness of the hosts, clean air and enjoying a life that follows the ‘rhythm of nature’ means one visit to the Vojvodina plain is never enough.

Staying at a salaš means you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful plains and meadows either on foot, by horse or in a traditional cart. Many salaš have summer kitchens where families can help prepare local dishes and homemade breads or even try your hand at traditional crafts. Once the children are warm in bed, you can relax with a local wine and spend the evening listening to mandolin players.
The Katai salaš is located in Mali Iđoš. Here you can ride a horse or a donkey or pick medicinal herbs while your children play at the local playground. There are also a number of museums that are well worth a visit including the museum of traditional crafts and the museum of baking where you can try your hand at making the famous Hungarian Kurtoškolač cake.
The Gnjezdo salaš is situated between Bački Petrovac and Čelarevo which is especially popular among families with pets and lovers of cycling.
When talking about fun family activities, the nearby aqua park Petroland in Bački Petrovac cannot be missed. During the hot summer months, it’s ideal for entertaining kids whilst keeping cool. With a complex of swimming pools, slides, wave machines, playground, trampolines and inflatable castle this is a real children’s paradise! And in the cooler months, the geothermal waters ensure that the aqua park is just as fun.
The special nature reserve of Carska Bara can be visited by boat or for the truly adventurous, by motor kite. Local guides lead canoe trips where you can take photos of the interesting and rare birds living in the reserve. There is also a hiking trail along the edges of the reserve and cycling trail for those wanting a quick and convenient tour of this unique place.
Near Zrenajanin, on the shore of the Carska bara, the ethno village of Tiganjica is located. Here the old way of life is preserved with traditional customs and hospitality. You can relax in an authentic Banat ethno house where each room is unique, furnished in the traditional style to reflect the rural setting.
Nearby, the eco-ethno centre ‘Belo Blato’ is located. An oasis of beauty and tranquillity, it has a range of fun, educational activities for children. You can also find accommodation in the Luise salaš, famous for its Mangalitsa pig stew that all members of the family will enjoy.