Culinary Festivals

Influences coming from the neighbouring nations have contributed to the diversity and richness of Serbian gastronomy. Each region of Serbia is famous for its local specialties, some of which are so popular and tasty that major culinary festivals have been created to honour them.Visiting one of these culinary events is the best way to get to know Serbian cuisine inside-out. Come and taste the best food Serbia has to offer, while enjoying the merry and relaxed festival atmosphere.

Pirot Flattened Sausage Fair

Pirot sausage is made from the best pieces of veal, lamb and goat meat, spiced according to the traditional recipe. It owes its name to its unique flattened appearance, created by daily flattening with a glass bottle, to push air out of the sausage.This unusually shaped savoury sausage has become an emblem of the Pirot region. To preserve and promote this delicacy, every February the city hosts the Pirot Flattened Sausage Festival where you can also taste local wines and other regional produce.

Info: Pirot Flattened Sausage Fair

Leskovac Grill Festival

In late August and early September, an event celebrating grilled meats takes place at the very centre of the city of Leskovac. This large culinary event, which attracts up to half a million people, offers domestic and foreign guests an opportunity to enjoy the unrivalled taste of fresh meat patties, sausages, “ražnjići” (grilled meat on a skewer) and many other delicacies for which Leskovac is known.Every year the world’s largest meat patty is made here. Apart from the famous grilled meats of Leskovac, known far and wide, visitors to the Leskovac Grill Festival can also enjoy another Serbian tradition – brass bands, whose music contributes to the exhilarating festive atmosphere.

Kačarevo Bacon Festival

In the cold winter days of February the tranquil village of Kačarevo, not far from Belgrade, is filled with bacon lovers from all over the world. According to legend, the Bacon Festival was first held to a village dispute over who made the best bacon in Kačarevo. Today, it is an international event which attracts many producers of this delicacy from all corners of the world. Here you can taste several hundred different types of high-quality bacon of and stock up on your favourite.

Smoked Ham Festival on Mt. Zlatbior

The village of Mačkat on Zlatibor mountain is known for its many households which make smoked ham according to authentic family recipes. The famous smoked ham of Zlatibor, with protected designation of origin, is cured by smoking on beech wood which gives it a distinctive taste and aroma. Every January, to honour this regional delicacy, the village of Mačkat hosts its “Pršutijada” (smoked ham festival) - an event for local producers to display the cured meats of the region. As well as tasting the infamous smoked ham, visitors can enjoy performances of music, song and dance.

Turija Sausage Festival

The traditional sausage festival held every February in the village of Turija is a must-visit for all lovers of this delicacy. Made from different types of meats and spiced according to a traditional recipe, sausages from Turija will please the taste buds of even the pickiest of gourmands.
Every February, participants of the festival also make the world’s longest sausage, which is extended by one metre every year and currently measures more than 2 kilometres!