Rajac, a mountain peak of exceptional natural beauty and boasting a pleasant climate, sits atop Suvobor mountain at an elevation of 848 metres above sea level. Smitten by the lush groves and meadows covering its slopes, travel writers of old referred to it as “paradise on Earth” (“raj na zemlji” in Serbian), thus giving the peak the name that has stuck with it to this day. This paradise is now relished by all those who hike through its forests, ski down its slopes or visit the nearby monasteries and monuments. Whether you wish to enjoy the charms of pristine nature and have an active holiday or learn about the cultural and historic landmarks of the region, Rajac is an ideal destination for your next journey.


Beech, oak, birch, ash and Turkey oak forests make this mountain an ideal destination for nature lovers, as every inch of it is accessible thanks to the immaculately maintained hiking and climbing trails. The luscious, diverse forests and glades of Rajac are interspersed with crystal-clear brooks and streams inhabited by a variety of freshwater fish species. As you walk along the beaten mountain trails of Rajac, don’t be surprised if you encounter pheasants, roebucks, foxes, boars or rabbits. And if you look to the skies you could spot turtledoves flying overhead too! Because of the abundance of game animals, Rajac is also a popular destination for hunters.
These picturesque forests also hide entrances to numerous caves and pits, enabling you to explore the subterranean world of Rajac. The most famous among them, the Rajac Cave, adorned by lavish cave formations, is a must-see for all visitors to this mountain. The stream which runs through its 300 metres of halls forms waterfalls and little lakes in some spots, thus creating stunning visuals that leave visitors breathless.


On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Rajac teems with life, as dozens of mountaineers flock to the mountain, prepared to conquer its peaks step by step. Out of the 52 weekends in a year, there is mountaineering activity on Rajac during at least 40 of them. Every year, Rajac hosts the Mountain Clean-up Day, a sports and environmental event which sees the entire peak cleaned. The event also features a bicycle race on a demanding trail, stretching more than 7000 metres through the meadows and forests of Rajac.
The international orienteering competition “Čika Duško Jovanović Memorial” attracts dozens of teams every year, from all over the world, who navigate their way to the control points scattered around the mountain using a simple map and compass.
The lush meadows with long, soft mountain grass attract thousands of visitors to the annual traditional Rajac Scythe Festival. As the bravest visitors fight for the distinction of being named the best mower, others can treat their palates to the traditionally cooked dishes, enjoy cultural and artistic events and participate in debates.


Rajac gives visitors an opportunity to travel back in time, at least for a fleeting moment, and learn about the history of this region. In World War I, Rajac was the site of one of the most important campaigns fought between Serbia and Austria-Hungary, the Battle of Kolubara, which took place towards the end of 1914. The memorial “1300 Corporals” honours those who died for their country in this campaign.
Rajac also features a memorial fountain honouring the soldiers fallen in World War I, as well as several monuments honouring the fallen soldiers of World War II. There are also many Orthodox Christian buildings near the mountain, the most famous of which is the monastery of Saint Archangel Gabriel in Moravica, where Archimandrite Gerasim Georgijević was interned in 1804. Vavedenje monastery, with its stone sarcophagi, which was built in the late 13th Century and early 14th Century, is situated at the foot of Rajac.

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