The delicacies of Novi Sad

The fertile soil of Vojvodina, interspersed with the rivers Danube and Tisa, underlies the wealth of the local fishermen’s cuisine. In parallel, the locals developed a “continental” cuisine with heavy local influences, shaped by the many peoples who have inhabited this region.

Restaurants at the urban heart of the city and salaš and csárda houses in its wider area are guarantees of continued survival of Vojvodina’s treasure trove of flavours. Apart from side dishes, with kulen, a flavoured sausage of minced pork, and cracklings, a major draw for gourmands is the “Sunday Lunch of Vojvodina”. This meal starts with a course of noodles or dumplings, followed by Rindfleisch in sauce and then breaded meats and various roast meats. Rounding off the gastronomic experience is a dessert, usually floating islands, pancakes or strudel.
Food and drink lovers should not miss the International Wine Festival and the Kovilje Rakija Fest, which take place in June. And in October, visit the Futog Cabbage Festival for a taste of traditional cabbage-based dishes with protected designation of origin.
In addition to traditional cuisine, Novi Sad, as Serbia’s second-largest city, also offers a wide variety of modern restaurants serving international  cuisine.