Bor Lake

Bor Lake lies at the foothill of the Crni vrh mountain, at an elevation of 438 metres above sea level. Created in the mid-20thv Century when water courses were cut off by a dam, it quickly became a favourite spot for holidays, recreation and fishing, both among locals and the increasingly numerous visitors to the region.

The flowery meadows, pastures and deciduous and coniferous forests that surround the lake draw visitors back to the lake time and time again. Bor Lake, with a pleasant water temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius in the summer months and well-maintained beaches, is a favourite bathing and sunbathing spot. Its hiking and running trails as well as the nearby sports courts provide ample opportunities for more active pursuits.
Thanks to the clear mountain water flowing into it, Bor Lake provides ideal conditions for fish to breed. Carp, catfish, zander and many other freshwater species can be found here, as well as all species of whitefish. The lake is popular amongst sport fishermen due of the abundance of fish and frequent record-size catches. These freshly caught fish often end up on the tables at nearby restaurants, where its served with local wines.
Not far from Bor Lake is Brestovačka banja, one of the oldest spas in Serbia, rich with hot mineral springs and historic landmarks. We suggest visiting the museum Brestovačka banja in the Age of Prince Miloš, which contains artefacts, from the collection of the Museum of Mining and Metallurgy, dedicated to this great Serbian ruler. If the permanent display of the spa piques your interest, hop to the city of Bor where you can see the full collection and learn more about the development of mining in this region, from classical antiquity to the present day.
Good transport links to the nearby natural sites and cultural and historic sites provide an ideal opportunity for various one-day or multi-day excursions where you can discover the entire region around the city of Bor, using the lake as your base. Explore Lazar’s Canyon and its wider area rich in caves and pits, known under the common name of Zlot Caves. Mountaineers and nature lovers will relish climbing the nearby Crni vrh mountain, while a trip to the archaeological site Felix Romuliana, with the remains of a Roman palace built in the 3rd and 4th Centuries, will delight all Roman Empire enthusiasts.