Vlasina Lake

The largest and highest artificial lake in Serbia lies more than 1,200 metres above sea level, on the spacious Vlasina plateau. Created when the river Vlasina was closed off by a dam in a wetland area that used to be a peat bog, this lake still carries the remains of peat, which float around the lake like tiny islands, creating a rare natural phenomenon.

Although it loses nothing of its appeal in any season, Vlasina Lake is probably at its most beautiful in the summer, when it provides an ideal respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life and the sizzling heat of city streets.
Because of its relatively calm surface, interspersed with mild waves which rarely measure more than half a metre in height, Vlasina Lake is an ideal spot for bathing, swimming and water sports. Fishing is allowed both on open water and from the rocky shores of the lake - skilful fishermen can try their hand at catching many species of freshwater fish, including carp, catfish and European perch, as well as several species of trout.
The rugged shores of the lake abound in wetlands, bays and peninsulas, the most beautiful of which is Biljana’s Bay where you can rent kayaks and pedal boats or moor your boat. If you choose to visit the lake in a caravan, you can stay at one of the several nearby campsites or on one of the peninsulas, to fully take in the beauty of the lake and the surrounding nature.
Vlasina Lake is surrounded by spacious meadows, green pastures and birch forests, which are particularly enticing for mushroom foragers due to the many species of fungi that grow there. Because of its natural beauty and the diverse plant and animal life, Vlasina mountain and the lake itself have been declared protected areas.
As there are no large cities or tourist resorts nearby, the whole area is ideal for those who wish to enjoy pristine nature, far from the busier tourist destinations. Spending your holiday in the pleasant surroundings of Vlasina Lake is an ideal opportunity to rest and recuperate before returning to the hustle and bustle of daily life.