The river Drina has long been fascinating visitors with its beauty, incredible speed and unpredictability. Having marked the historical border between the Eastern and the Western Roman empires and later between Serbia and Austria-Hungary, today it is the natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Drina runs through a deep canyon which inspires both marvel and awe with its great height. The winding river bed and the fast-flowing stream of the river, which runs through Serbia over a total length of 220 kilometers, are intersected by three lakes: Višegradsko lake, Perućac lake, and Zvorničko lake, providing ample opportunities for respite and relaxation. The Drina is rich in fish and is home to, amongst others, some of the largest specimens of Danube salmon in Europe which, with a permit, can be fished.
The famous Drina Regatta attracts thousands of adventurers every year, who cover as much as 15 kilometres sailing on their rafts and inflatable boats from lake Perućac to Rogačica. Whitewater rafting down the rapids of the untamed and ever unpredictable Drina will make even the most experienced adventurers’ feel a buzz. And when you finally sail victorious into the calmer sections of the river, relaxation with music and drinks can be found on the banks of the river Drina. The nearby taverns also offer the opportunity to try traditional Serbian food.
If you prefer to sail the Drina alone or with a group of friends, there are organised tours to suit all needs. All you have to do is choose a route that best fits your itinerary. Come and sail through the enchanting landscapes of the Drina river canyon, with its lavishly beautiful nature and bustling animal life. As you slowly sail along the surface of the water, take in the beauty of the canyon cliffs rich in fauna and admire the mighty eagles as they fly overhead.