Bela Crkva Lakes

Originally created to meet the demand of the burgeoning gravel industry in the early 20th Century, Bela Crkva lakes soon became a landmark in their own right, attracting visitors with their clear water, spacious and well-maintained beaches as well as the many opportunities for sports and fun.

City Lake

The oldest lake in Bela Crkva, dubbed simply the City Lake (Gradsko jezero), is a firm favourite with visitors and locals alike. As well as the main beach which has shower facilities, visitors can take their little ones to enjoy the pebbled children’s beach.
The lake offers a number of fun water-based activities including water polo, swimming, diving and sailing. While those who prefer leisurely sampling food and wine will enjoy the nearby cafés and restaurants.
The lake is equally as appealing after dark, visitors can enjoy a stroll along the well-lit hiking tail and experience the excitement of bathing under the stars.
Bustling night life is also found at the floating clubs built on rafts, which regularly host famous singers and DJs.

Vračev Gaj Lake

Just 200 metres from the City Lake, along the road from Bela Crkva to Kovin, lies the Vračev Gaj Lake, a favourite spot with visitors of all ages.
Distinguishable from the other lakes near Bela Crkva thanks to an island filled with lush green vegetation, accessible by a wooden bridge. Enjoy the sunshine and relax on one of the many sunbeds available on the island or rest in the shade of the tall trees scattered along the beach.
Children will have fun both in and on the water riding pedal boats or playing on the swings, slides and seesaws on the shore.
Those with an adventurous spirit can enjoy a comfortable stay at one of two well-equipped camp sites.

Gravel Pit

While you’re in the area, be sure to visit the Gravel Pit Lake (Šljunkara), the largest of the Bela Crkva lakes, and perfect for swimming.  And if you tire, retreat to the pebbled beach with showers and sunbeds or find solitude in one of the smaller coves, where you can relax away from the busier “main” beach.

Carp Lake

The area of Bela Crkva is also home to several “deserted” lakes, the most famous of which is the Carp Lake (Šaransko jezero). A true paradise for fishermen who can enjoy their sport in peace and tranqulity, away from beachgoers. The beautiful natural beauty of the Carp Lake also makes it a great spot for visitors wanting to immerse themselves in the pristine natural surroundings.

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