Stara planina

Stara planina, the longest mountain range in Serbia, has an abundance of natural, cultural and historic treasures – so much so, that its most treasured area has been designated a Category 1 Nature Park.
Its wild and unexplored expanse is a succession of mountain peaks, waterfalls, canyons and gorges – a treat for all nature lovers! Its highest peak, Midžor, lures you to peek down from its altitude of more than 2,100 metres.

Another famous peak is Babin zub, which is also accessible by a hiking trail. And when you’re on Stara planina mountain, you should absolutely not miss the natural beauty of the Bigar brook valley and the meanders of the river Temištica.
For more enchanting sights, visit the Jelovičko vrelo spring, shaped like an eye inside a small basin among the rocks.
As you wander around Stara planina, you will enjoy the “company” of more than a thousand plant species, including the endemic Pančić’s common groundsel, while the foothills of Babin zub peak are a habitat of the subalpine beech.This nature park is also home to protected species, such as pygmy iris, Kosovo peony, Heldreich's maple and martagon lily.
The ski resort on Stara planina is ideal for active holiday enthusiasts. Come summer, the mountain still has a lot to offer to mountaineers, cyclists and paragliders.
And if you wish to complete your tour of the beautiful natural attractions by visiting cultural and historic landmarks of the area, you can visit the Church of the Most Holy Mother of God in Donja Kamenica, which is believed to have been erected in the early 14th century, with its many original frescoes. Also, do not miss the opportunity to visit the monastery of Temska in the village of the same name. it was built in the 14th century on the foundations of an 11th century temple which was razed to the ground. Today, it is known for healing ointments made by the nuns, from herbs picked on Stara planina mountain.

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