Sićevac Gorge

The impressive Sićevac Gorge lies just 14 kilometres east of the city of Niš , in the Nišava river valley. The second-longest river-cut gorge in Serbia spreads along 17 kilometres and measures up to 400 metres in height at some points!

The most attractive part of the gorge is the majestic Gradištanski canyon, with its sharp cliffs where the rare golden eagle nestles in the crevices.
At the exit from the canyon stands an elevation called Oblik, interesting because it is the habitat of two rare plant species – Ramonda serbica and Ramonda nathaliae. It is also home to numerous herbs, such as common sage, a typical Mediterranean plant that has found its northernmost habitat in this spot. There are also wild lilacs and wild cherries.
Sport and active holiday aficionados can enjoy mountaineering and hiking, as well as fishing, rafting and paragliding.
The Sićevac gorge is famous among alpine climbers as a very attractive climbing area, thanks to its rocks which measure between 50 and 250 metres in height, as well as the many directions in which they can be climbed (more than 50). If you visit this region, be sure to also visit its numerous caves and pits.
Although man-made structures are rare in the Sićevac gorge, you can see the still operational hydropower plant Sveta Petka, which was built more than 100 years ago! While you’re in the area, we suggest that you take the opportunity to visit the monasteries of the Holy Mother of God and the Holy Mother Paraskeva in the village of Ostrovica.
In 2000, Sićevačka klisura Nature Park was designated a Category 2 Protected Area of regional importance.

Info: Tourism organisation of Niš