Zlatibor Mountain has been attracting visitors for more than 125 years, ever since the “King’s Fountain” opened here, with the number of mountain holiday enthusiasts who come to visit increasing year after year.As soon as you’ve set foot on this alpine beauty, you will be faced with the view of its spacious pastures, meadows and coniferous forests, interspersed by scores of winding streams and brooks.

The natural monuments in which Zlatibor takes greatest pride include Stopića Cave, the “Prerast” (natural arch) in the village of Dobroselica and the Gostilje waterfall, with a vertical drop of 20 metres, which is followed by a succession of smaller waterfalls and cascades downstream of the river Katušnica.
Stopića Cave, on the northeast side of the mountain, is nearly 1,700 metres long. Situated less than 20 kilometres from the town of Zlatibor, it is well within reach for visitors. This cave is most recognisable for its tufa pools – recesses in stone separated by undulating stone walls which fill with water, the water then overflows from pool to pool, creating a magnificent waterfall known as “the Spring of Life”.
Zlatibor Mountain is also an oasis of uniquely clean and crisp air, which has earned it the distinction of being designated a clean air spa. It also boasts a number of springs of crystal-clear, cold water, the most striking of which are the Hajdučka česma drinking fountain and Hajdučica in the village of Murtenica, as well as Jovanova voda in the village of Alin potok.
Due to the specific features of the area, Zlatibor is a fertile ground for herbs, which have been appreciated and widely used by the local populace since ancient times. On Zlatibor, you can buy herbal teas and herb mixes for various ailments and the resort itself includes a botanical garden, where you can learn everything about the local herbs.
To immerse yourself in the beautiful surrounds, take a hike on one of the many maintained hiking trails. Some are easily accessible for all visitors, while others are more demanding and require a high level of fitness and advanced skills. There are also many cycling paths on Zlatibor, providing visitors with a more efficient way of touring both the mountain itself and the nearby sites, like Mokra gora, which is a true gem of this region and an excellent starting point from which to explore the local history.
A destination well worth a visit is also the village of Sirogojno, known for its weavers, whose skills are appreciated the world over and celebrated in a local museum. Sirogojno is also home to the Open-Air Museum “Old Village”, a testament to the way of life on Zlatibor mountain at the turn of the 20th century.

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