National Museum in Kikinda

The diverse collections of the National Museum in Kikinda contain tens of thousands of exhibits which will take you on an exciting journey through time.

 The archaeological collection, with more than 13,000 exhibits dated from the Late Stone Age to the Late Middle Ages, takes up most of the display. Bronze Age artefacts discovered in the town of Mokrin particularly stand out.
The ethnological collection contains more than 5,000 items, which give visitors a detailed account of family life in this region. The most significant among them is the “golden cap” from the 19th Century, which used to be worn by brides and recently married women from wealthy rural families. For details of this region’s history, visit the history department, which keeps more than 4,000 flags, documents, weapons, coins and other exhibits.
Herbariums, insectariums and stuffed animals, as well as specimen ores and minerals, can be found in the natural history collection of the museum. This collection also boasts one of the best-preserved mammoth skeletons in Europe, named Kika after the city of Kikinda. The skeleton remains of one the most fascinating prehistoric animals and will transport you 500.000 years back in time to an age when mammoths roamed this part of the world.
The museum also gives art lovers the opportunity to enjoy more than 2,000 major paintings from 19th-Century Vojvodina, as well as more recent works of art kept in the modern art collection.

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