“Jeremija” Museum of Bread

In the village of Pećinci, in the fertile plains of Vojvodina, stands a museum dedicated to bread, the only of its kind in Serbia.
The Serbian Museum of Bread “Jeremija” covers approximately 1,200 square metres and features more than 2,000 different types of bread and items used in the production and processing of wheat.The step by step display follows the progression of wheat grains, from seed to finished product.

Through practical demonstrations you will learn how bread used to be made in Serbia and how this has changed today.
On permanent display is ethnographic research and archaeological and art collections - the latter comprising works of art depicting bread-related themes by Serbian painter, and the museum’s founder, Slobodan Jeremić Jeremija.
The archaeological collection includes artefacts used by prehistoric humans to cultivate soil and harvest and store grain, as well as Roman-era soil cultivation tools.
The ethnographic collection consists of a wide range of exhibits – from tools used for soil cultivation, wheat processing and bread-making, through means of transport and items used for food preparation to a collection of breads of immense symbolic importance.

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