Uvac River Gorge

The river Uvac, nestled cosily between Zlatar and Zlatibor mountains and the towns of Nova Varoš and Sjenica, is best known for its stunning meanders.

The best way to experience them is from a boat or kayak. Looking up from the vantage point of the river, you will be able to grasp the sheer size of the gorge, while watching many rare and protected bird species as they calmly fly overhead and take off from the surrounding cliffs. You can admire the meanders from lake Uvac, an artificial lake created by a dam, or from one of the viewpoints above, which offer truly magnificent views of the snake-like “body” of the river Uvac.
On the sides of the gorge there are also entrances to many caves, the most imposing of which is the Ušac cave system, comprising Ušačka, Ledena, Bezdana, Tubića and Baždarska caves. Depending on the time of the year, you can reach the entrances to some of the caves either by a short climb or directly by boats which sail into the caves!
This reserve is also known as the habitat of the extremely rare griffon vulture. It nests on the rocks and in the caves above the lake. After World War II it was on the brink of extinction, yet today there are more than 100 couples of this species here. The black vulture, the Egyptian vulture, the golden eagle and the white-tailed eagle have recently returned to the area.
The gorge is also rich in spruce and birch forests, while the lush meadows around it are teeming with herbs.
The Uvac river gorge is best visited in the summer, because nature is more verdant and the gorge stands out in all its glory. Visits are only allowed when accompanied by professional guides, who will lead you on 30 kilometres of marked paths.