Karadjordjevo Nature Reserve is situated on the left bank of the Danube, just 50 kilometres from the city of Novi Sad. Interspersed with inlets, known locally as “dunavci”, it is an ideal destination for all those who crave relaxation in the soothing tranquillity of nature, hunting and fishing or enjoying the company of horses.
Karadjordjevo is made up of three distinct units – Bukinski rit, Vranjak and Guvnište.

You will recognise Bukinski rit for the forests which stretch alongside the Danube, with some of the most endangered plant and animal species hidden in their shade, such as black hawthorn, yellow water-lily and sweet flag, a species on the Red List of Serbian Flora protected by law.
The thick shrubs and trees are also home to animals such as the fallow deer, mouflon, the white-tailed deer and boar, as well as otters, wild cats, martens, the white-tailed eagle and the black stork.
The forests of Vranjak and Guvnište are separated only by the Mostonga pond, created by the former river of the same name.
A part of this reserve has been converted to a hunting ground, famous well beyond Serbia’s borders. It is rich in game with huge trophy value. All year round guests have, at their disposal, horse-drawn carriages, sleds, boats and all-terrain vehicles.
The bank and inlets of the Danube abound in water life, with carp, zander and catfish ruling supreme, which makes Karadjordjevo a frequent stop on the itinerary of sport fishing enthusiasts.
Karadjordjevo also boasts the largest stable of pure-bred horses, both in Serbia and this part of Europe. As well as the opportunity to spend a day in the company of these majestic animals, you can also watch competitive equestrian sports at the racing track or visit the Stable Museum - filled to the brim with horse-related exhibits.
While you’re in the area, be sure to visit the medieval fortress of Bač, to which the whole region of Bačka owes its name, and the nearby monastery of Bodjani. Built in the 15th century, it boasts architecture typical of Northern Serbia.

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