Lazar’s Canyon

Lazar’s Canyon, delved masterfully by the river Lazareva reka, stretches along the eastern side of Kučaj mountains.This imposing canyon is carved into the limestone of the Dubašnička ravan and is joined by a succession of shallower and smaller canyons of the Mikuljska reka and the Pojenska reka rivers, as well as the Demižljoka canyon.
Lazar’s Canyon is one of the least negotiable canyons in Serbia. It measures four and a half kilometres in length and the rocks on its side rise up to five hundred metres, while its narrowest point is only four metres wide. The best time to visit is in the summer, as the canyon is fully passable only when there is no water in it.

The best place to begin a hiking tour is near Lazar’s Cave. There is no maintained footpath through the canyon, so expect to see your passage obstructed by fallen trees and rocks which you will have to walk around. After six to seven hours of walking, you will reach the point where the canyon splits, with one leg leading to the Malinik peak and the other to the river Demižlok. Traversing the entire canyon takes about eight to nine hours. We’d suggest you complete your visit to this region by visiting the Zlot Caves.
And if you wish to see the canyon from a different angle, be sure not to visit one of its many viewpoints. The most famous among them is the Malinik peak, with its Kovej viewpoint, perched at the very edge of a cliff with some truly breath-taking views of the area.
Plant life in this area is exceptionally diverse and rich. The local flora is characterised by numerous and varied endemic and sub-endemic plants, as well as 52 relict plant species, including European yew and ramonda serbica.
This is one of the few habitats of the Crimean pine, pinus nigra pallasiana, which inhabits the cliffs of the canyon, together with beech and fir forests. The canyon is also home to several dozen mammal species and almost a hundred bird species. Bats, chamois, the golden eagle, the Eurasian eagle-owl and many others can be found here.
While you’re in the Kučaj mountain region, do not miss the opportunity to explore its subterranean world. The area is dotted with dozens of caves and pits and the most striking among them are the Zlot Caves, which include Lazar’s Cave and Vernjikica. Lazar’s Cave will delight you with the imposing names of its rich and diverse cave formations such as the Fountain, the Imperial Lounge and the Orchestra, while Vernjikica will leave you in awe with its monumental hall dubbed the Coliseum.