Natural History Centre of Serbia

The area covered by the Natural History Centre of Serbia in Svilajnac comprises nine thematic exhibitions, which will transport you thousands of years back through time, all the way to when the Earth itself was just formed.If you ever wondered how the world was created and how mankind came to be, visit the thematic exhibition Geological Time Machine, which will take you through the formation and development of planet Earth, from its beginnings to the time when modern humans first appeared.The display Stones of Heaven will take you through the fascinating world of meteorites. Here you can also see the replicas of three meteorites which fell to Serbia. 

Explore The World of Minerals and Rocks, which displays exhibits typical of Serbia, as well as certain specimens which are extremely rare. One of them is jadarite, a mineral whose chemical structure resembles the famous kryptonite from Superman comics!
Learn all about the wealth of our country’s flora and fauna at the exhibition Biodiversity of Serbia, featuring genuine taxidermy animals placed in authentic environments.
The exhibition Witnesses of the Ice Age showcases animal species which inhabited what is now Serbia during the most recent ice age (16 million years ago). Here you can see remains of the Irish elk, the woolly rhinoceros, the steppe bison, the cave bear and the woolly mammoth amongst others.
Discover one of Europe’s oldest cultures, the Neolithic culture of Lepenski Vir, through artworks, tools, instruments and well-preserved figures and idols of prehistoric humans, dated to the period between 7,000 and 6,000 BCE.
There is also the display titled Geodiversity of Serbia, which gives you a unique opportunity to see what the cross-section of our country’s soil, down to a depth of 5 kilometres, would look like.
Step into The World of Dinosaurs, the exhibition occupying the central part of the building, with seven replicas of original dinosaur skeletons, made with such craftsmanship that they appear genuine.
There are also more than twenty replicas of these amazing creatures at the Dino Park. Here you can see figures of diplodocus, deinonychus, tyrannosaurus and many other species, several metres tall, running, hunting and caring for their young in an authentic environment.
The Centre’s park also features a 10-metre volcano replica. The volcanic rocks on display inside it will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have about the formation of volcanoes and the mechanism of their eruptions.

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