Town Museum of Sombor

The City Museum of Sombor preserves the archaeological, ethnological and historical treasures of the Bačka region, as well as numerous works of visual and applied arts from across Serbia.

The archaeological collection contains items belonging to the Neolithic Starčevo culture – the oldest artefacts found in Serbia. Here you can see tools made of ground stone, figurines and jewelry, as well as finely shaped earthenware made more than 8,000 years ago.
The collection also includes stone idols of the Late Neolithic Vinča culture, artefacts from the Metal and Bronze Ages, as well as items from the time when Romans and Celts ruled this part of the world.
We suggest you continue your tour by visiting the history department, with its display of documents, medals, flags and other items made from the 15th Century to the present date.
The museum also contains a rich numismatic collection with more than a thousand coins and bills, tokens, medals and more. The rich and diverse collection includes coins from classical antiquity (Roman, Greek, Celtic and Byzantine), mediaeval Hungarian and Serbian coins, as well as more recent coins from various countries.
The modern art gallery contains pictures, drawings, graphics, sculptures and tapestries which document changes in the artistic affinities of the region - from the abstract paintings of the 1960s and informalist paintings to the early 1990s, when works inspired both by tradition and digital technologies began to appear.
The permanent display of the ethnology department contains items that illustrate the everyday life of the people of this region - traditional folk costumes, photographs, furniture and fittings.

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