Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum is situated near Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Its rich collection of original aircraft, radars and aircraft engines, both inside the museum and in its yard, bears witness to more than a hundred years of aviation development in Serbia and its neighbouring countries.

Greeting the visitors at the entrance to the main exhibition are the museum’s oldest exhibits: aeroplanes from the beginning of the 20th Century designed and constructed by Ivan Sarić, Serbia’s aviation pioneer. As you move along the exhibition hall, you will see exhibits from World War I, the most notable of which is the first armed aeroplane made in Serbia, the Oluj 11, which was used in the Macedonian Front breakthrough.
The collection of World War II aircraft stands out for its sheer diversity; you can see the German fighter plane Messerschmidt МЕ-109, as well as British Spitfires and Hurricanes, a Russian Yakovlev YAK-3 and llyushin IL-2, as well as the American B-47 Thunderbolt. Many of these aircraft played key roles in the war effort and were also used by the Yugoslav armed forces.
Here you will see the museum’s most valuable exhibit, the Italian fighter aircraft FIAT G-50, the only surviving specimen of this model in the world.
At the Aviation Museum you can also see the “invisible” US stealth attack aircraft Nighthawk F-117, the F-16 fighter jet and drones, all of them shot down during the NATO air strikes against Serbia in 1999.

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