Comfort food

Niš is a city that is proud of its culinary heritage and its restaurants. The saying "gourmandise is priceless" describes greatly the spirit of this city. A night out at the tavern is an indispensable part of a visit to Niš. Specially reputable are those traditional restaurants in the former crafts district that still preserve the old bohemian spirit.

Whole of Southern Serbia is famous for the grilled meat. Therefore, in Niš, you can taste ćevapčići, gourmet burgers, burgers in pork peritoneum ... The best side dish accompanying grilled meat are delicious homemade salads and chili peppers.
There is a specially acclaimed way of serving food called "the train" – when dishes are being brought on the table one after another, forming a "train of food". The meal starts with a meze: Sukana pita cheese pie, Urnebes-salata sause, savory jelly, followed by soups and then continued by the highlights of the local cuisine: veal tails, Sarma or the grape or cabbage leaves stuffed with lamb meat, Pasulj na tavče or gratinated beans. The meal should be finished with Orasnica walnut sweet or the Dry pie, a variety of baklava.
Another typical Niš specialty is burek – a salty pie filled with meat or cheese. In honor of everyone's favorite breakfast, the best master pie makers from different Balkan countries gather every August in Niš for the Days of Burek.