The summer doesn’t have to be limited to swimming and beaches. Any escape to natural surroundings represents a certain relaxation from everyday stress. Being physically active is proven to be good for your health and quality of life but doing exercises in nature is even more beneficial.

There are yoga camps that can be visited in Serbia during summer like Kirtan on Goč Mountain. Kirtan is an ancient meditation through music where natural surroundings amplify its tension relief.

joga srbija

Photos by Aleksandra Stojkov and Srdjan Mareš

Imagine waking up to a meditation on a mountain that was chosen by the Old Slavic god Tar to be his home! Asana on Tara is accompanied by a special atmosphere with birds singing in the background.

If you are among those who like to walk, can’t seem to find free time to visit Uvac or Mileševa Monastery, and would love to relax, take a trip to Zlatar. The mountain is a famous air spa with some stunning landmarks nearby.

A meditation under an open sky is also to be found on Fruška Gora along the Moharač Lake. All the negative energy will be flown away by a mountain breeze and mild waves. Zagajička Brda is another location to come and relax. It is also popular as the Serbian New Zealand. Find out how this specific landscape impacts your Sun Salutation.

joga srbija

Photos by Aleksandra Stojkov

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